Why is it called sperm whale

At this point, there is intense competition among the males for females including physical competition resulting in battle scars all over the heads of males. That is part of the beauty of evolution. The sperm whale only has teeth in its lower jaw, and its upper jaw has holes that the teeth fit into when the mouth is closed. These are thick and conical, and can grow to 20cm long and weigh 1kg each. The blowhole slit is S-shaped and positioned on the left side of the head.
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In Case You Ever Wondered How “Sperm Whales” Got Their Name

Its blowhole is off center, to the left, producing a very distinct spray when the whale surfaces to breathe. Status Sperm whales were hunted in the past for spermaceti oil, found only in the head of sperm whales and used in echolocation. They have the largest brain of any creature known to have lived on Earth. Sperm whales can dive as far as a mile deep to find prey, which is mainly squid. Large, roving pods of orcas frequently target groups of females with young, usually trying to separate the sperm whale calf and kill it. Spermaceti was much sought after by eighteenth-, nineteenth- and twentieth century whalers.
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Sperm Whale | Facts, pictures & more about Sperm Whale

One common theory is that the fluid—which hardens to wax when cold—helps the whale alter its buoyancy so it can dive deep and rise again. If the wax is solid, it contracts and becomes more dense, making the whale sink better. The Sperm whale gets its name from the spermaceti organ which fills most of its huge head. But as familiar as the whale is, many people have lingering questions about its name: A fault line rests directly beneath Loch Ness, producing small tremors that release vast columns of bubbles. And the "fish" tang is a direct descendant of the "flavor" tang. But even an enraged bull sperm whale would have paled in comparison to some of its fossil relatives.
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In the past, swimmers have come under criticism for getting too close to sperm whales and other marine mammals. Perhaps, Clark argues, a few peeping locals mistook these bathing behemoths for aquatic monsters. Jojoba is now planted as a commercial crop. Like all mammals , members of Cetacea breathe air into lungs , are warm-blooded , breast-feed their young, and have hair although very little. Due to their deep diving behavior it has been difficult to gather information on their particular hunting methods or the exact foods they consume therefore most of what is known about their diet comes from examining the stomachs and intestines of these marine mammals. In , a sperm whale estimated to be about Unlike the baleen whales, sperm whales are active predators, specializing on large squids in the deep sea but also eating large bony fishes and sharks.
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